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iSurvivalKits.com Re-Branded as SurvivalKits.org

Jul 23, 2015
SurvivalKits.org offers a new state-of-the art online store, which supplies quality survival gear.

BRIGHTON, Mich. – SurvivalKits.org has experienced much success as a survival gear super store. Starting out as iSurvivalKits.com, the survivalist experts go-to place for preparedness advice has delivered kits and supplies worldwide since 2002. Now, the company has a new name in order to make its store more accessible.

“We have had great success with iSurvivalKits.com, but we wanted something easier for our customers to remember. That is why we have re-branded as SurvivalKits.org,” said CEO Justin Hamel.

To celebrate the release of the re-branding, SurvivalKits.org has launched a new online store. The new website offers preppers an easy and enjoyable shopping experience. Supply categories are neatly organized into survival kits, survival gear, and survival food. Each product features a photo with supplies laid out and a product description with a list of materials included.

SurvivalKits.org offers high quality products at reasonable prices. The store is able to offer products at lower prices than most because the supplier purchases  bulk merchandise directly from a manufacturer. The survival gear supplier sells to individuals as well as churches, schools, offices, and government agencies.

The survivalist experts at SurvivalKits.org give preparedness advice on the company blog at http://www.survivalkits.org/blog/. To view the numerous products and to research information about preparedness, visit http://www.survivalkits.org

About SurvivalKits.org:
SurvivalKits.org was founded in 2002 as iSurvivalKits.com by knowledgeable survivalists committed to finding and and delivering high quality survival gear and accessories. Preppers may purchase kits for any situation at the survival kit super store including bug out bags, first aid kits, food storage packs, survival kits for dogs and cats, and more. Live customer service is available during regular business hours by calling the company's toll-free number. Visit http://www.survivalkits.org/about-us/ to learn more about the survival gear provider.

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