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MotorcycleFairings.net Major Website Facelift

Mar 10, 2016
MotorcycleFairings.net redesigned from the ground up.

BRIGHTON, Michigan. – MotorcycleFairings.net has experienced tremendous growth and following from sportbike riders worldwide. Starting out many years ago with a robust online shopping experience for their loyal customers. They never stopped pushing the throttle...

“We focus on our customers!” said CEO Justin Hamel. "A few years ago most customers were on desktops and laptops... Today most of our customers are on smartphones and tablets.. No matter what browser used, we want all of our customers to have the same hassle free shopping experience."

"We basically re-built this website from the ground up using a totally different backbone." Said MastaMinds President Justin Hamel. After comparing the new website with the old one it is clear that many man hours went into the the design and navigation. "We spent days just on color combinations. The add to cart button has been changed more time than I care to even count." Hamel Said.

MotorcycleFairings.net offers high quality OEM comparible Motorcycle Fairings for all Major sportbikes. Motorcycle Fairings are a term used to refer to Motorcycle body parts. Anytime a motorcycle is crashed or laid down the odds the fairings are going to be damaged is very high! Choosing the proper fairings can be an overwhelming and expensive proposition if you are not paying attention to every detail.

About MotorcycleFairings.net
MotorcycleFairings.net was founded by knowledgeable sportbike enthusiasts committed to finding and and delivering high quality motorcycle fairings and accessories. MastaMinds Inc. is the parent company of MotorcycleFairings.net. MastaMinds Inc. Network  is the world's largest aftermarket turbo performance parts supplier and a specialty designer retailer with over 60+ niche stores. MastaMinds was launched in 2002 with DSMparts.com and MastaMinds.com. Other stores include; LancerShop.com, GSXRparts.net and SurvivalKits.org. Products from each of the company's sites can also searched on MastaMinds.com
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you guys are amazing. i ordered some of your products and had it at my house in 3 days! that's awesome! you guys have to be #1 in customer...


Mike Demarco
You guys are the best! I've ordered so many products from you and have had all of them on my doorstep within 3 days! This site is definately #1...


Being in the Military and stationed overseas it is hard to find the right parts for a reasonable price. Not many...



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