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MastaMinds Goes Green... Again! With the Prius!

Sep 20, 2008

A store so sweet that it makes Larry David smile!

Howell, MI; September 15 2008 — MastaMinds Inc. continues to expand its market and domination by adding PriusHybridParts.com to it’s lineup. By adding this store to MastaMind’s Network, the company adds a huge selection of Toyota Prius Floor mats, Air Intakes,  and lots of other Prius accessories.

Going green has been one of our core missions since we opened our doors in 2001” said President and CEO Justin Hamel. One look around MastaMinds offices and you will see recycle bins for paper, bottles and cardboard. "We re-use every single piece of cardboard that comes in our doors, it's a trick my Dad taught me from the old days."

I've seen fellow Michiganders go from big burly SUV's to Prius's overnight! Price of gas is through the roof  - prius's are here to stay” said President and CEO Justin Hamel. Toyota recently announced that they have sold over one million of the Toyota Prius Hybrids and counting!

About MastaMinds Inc. Network Stores :

MastaMinds Inc. is the world's largest aftermarket turbo performance parts supplier and a specialty designer retailer with over 50+ niche stores. MastaMinds was launched in 2002 with DSMparts.com and MastaMinds.com. Other stores include, LancerShop.com, BarStoolsonly.com and RSXstore.com. Products from each of the company's sites can also searched from MastaMinds.com

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